Design Build

Construction, whether new or a historic renovation, can be an intimidating, daunting task with many  twists and turns. Changes are inevitable whether it’s a change in the scope of work or working through a tricky unexpected condition. Design Build is a team approach where the architect, designer, builder and owner work together to integrate all pieces of the project in order to build the best product with the least amount of surprises.  Here is our process and the various steps.

Tell Us Your Vision

We meet with our clients to discuss their vision, wish list and targeted budget (No one has a limitless checkbook!).

If you already have an architect we will review the plans and discuss the general scope of work. In the event you don’t have an architect or designer we can recommend a team that is the best fit for the project.

Develop Plans and Scope of Work

Once we have an architect selected and some basic drawings we will provide you with a preliminary budget with the intention of the estimate being within 10-15% of where expect the project to end up. As we develop more detailed plans and design selections we are able to further refine our pricing. Our extensive knowledge keeps the team from wasting time by designing a home or building only to find out its more expensive than the targeted budget.

Time to Build

Now it is time to start! Depending on whether the project is new construction or a renovation the steps are the same but new construction is a little more of a straight road and not as much of an art as renovation. We are adept at both and there for you every step of the way. The process can be overwhelming at times but with weekly meetings and regular communication we can make this a pleasant experience for everyone.

Punch List & Move in

Great the project is done and now it’s time to move in! But things don’t stop here. There is frequently a list of small items that need to be completed and while most are ideally done before move-in, often times whether its changes or a delay in materials some are done after move in. We are there with you every step of the way to finalize the project our interests are inline as we need to move on to the next project and you need to move in and enjoy your new home. And lastly, just because the project has been completed we are always there for any questions or issues that arise after completion that may need attention.