MatThew Abrams, FOUNDER

Matthew is the founder of Abrams Properties and has over 29 years of real estate industry experience. He has a passion for building everything from the home of your dreams to large scale commercial projects.

His career began in 1993 at Cushman & Wakefield of Massachusetts where he excelled as a top leasing broker in the Route 128 West Market.

Eager to fulfill his dream constructing and developing real estate, Matthew created The Abrams Group in 1998. The company’s initial focus was on converting multi-family homes in Boston’s most historic and Burgeoning neighborhoods from The South End to South Boston into condominiums.

With an affinity for rehabilitation projects, Abrams Properties began repurposing historic mills and office properties into apartments and condominiums.

In 2000 Matthew wanted to bring his expertise as a real estate developer to work for homeowners, commercial tenants as well as multifamily and commercial property owners. Since this time the company has largely focused on working directly with homeowners and commercial clients.

Matthew is a licensed General Contractor, Real Estate Broker and is LEED Accredited by the USGBC.